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How to Handle Dead Grass on Your Business Lawn

Landscaper inspecting grass dead grass on your business lawn

Your property’s curb appeal says a lot about your business- and it impacts the first impression of prospective patrons and visitors. A lackluster lawn is an eyesore- get rid of any dead grass on your business lawn as it can impede a lush lawn later. If the grass is not dead but dormant, it likely has lots of life left. Here are some tips to help you distinguish dormant grass from dead grass, and improve the overall appearance of your property: 

Test the Grass 

Test to determine if you are dealing with dead or dormant grass by pulling on a clump of the questionable grass, itself. If the grass pulls from the earth easily without resistance, it is dead. In this case, you will need to reseed or install sod on the lawn.  

If the grass does not pull out easily, it is dormant- as many plants are during off-seasons. There is hope for restoring dormant grass to a lush, green lawn; talk to your landscape professional for some ideas.  

Identify a Pattern 

Another way to make the distinction is to look for a pattern of brown grass: what do you see? Typically, patches of brown grass could mean it is dead, but if your entire lawn appears brown, it is likely dormant. It could be an underlying pest issue turning patches or small areas brown- which makes a consultation with a landscape professional a prudent and practical step toward saving your lawn.  

Consider the Weather 

The weather impacts if your grass will become dormant or not. Even if the dormant grass is brown and looks dead, it will still come alive and lush again during its grow seasons. Do you know if you have warm or cool season grass on your lawn? Remember that cool season grasses go dormant in summer, while warm season grasses will become dormant in winter. Plant a combination of both if you want a year- round lawn.  

Water with Care 

Be careful and consistent with watering your grass. If you live in a hot, dry climate, your grass is likely to become dormant- which can lead to dead grass without intervention. If you water on a schedule, you will see dormant grass come to life. If the grass has died, it will not become green- so it is time to pull it out.  

Enlist Some Help

Ready to remove the dead grass on your business lawn? Want to breathe new life into a dormant lawn? Talk to the landscaping professionals at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., in Charleston, SC. They can distinguish dormant from dead grass easily- and remove the dead grass to make way for a new, lush lawn. Enhance your property’s curb appeal and improve business with lawn care and maintenance- call or visit today!