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How to Keep Your Lawnmower Happy


If you’re like many at this time of the year, then you are getting a lot of work out of your lawnmower.  Your grass has just started to grow like it means it, and now it’s forcing you outside into the heat a little more often than you would like.  Well, if you think that this summer out in the yard has been taxing on just you, think again.  What about the poor machine that has to do the real heavy lifting for you?  Have you thought about what kind of toll those long hours of cutting are exacting on your mower?  If you haven’t then now would be a fitting time to do so and we’ve compiled a few, simple ways in which you can ensure that your mower is running at peak performance.

  1. Change your air filter regularly. This is one of the most important aspects of keeping your mower in pristine running condition and yet is quite possibly the most overlooked.  Your air filter has the important duty of preventing dust, dirt and debris from finding its way into the engine and carburetor.  Your engine needs to have air running through it in order to run well and if your air filter is old it’s like trying to run a marathon while chewing a stuffed animal.  Not only is this item very important, but it is also very easy to do and very affordable as well.
  2. Have your lawnmower blades sharpened regularly. This is another task that very few people actually see fit to do.  In fact, it seems that most lawnmowers will be used and then retired without anyone ever having looked underneath.  If your mower has dull blades then this will affect both the quality of the cut and the time it takes to mow.
  3. Check and change the oil frequently. The engine on your lawnmower thirsts for good oil not unlike your car’s engine does.  It’s recommended that you check your oil level every 8 hours of running time and that you change it when it loses its amber color and turns dark.

By simply putting these simple steps into action you can ensure that your lawnmower will keep running well and that it won’t decide on a hot July day that it’s had enough!

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