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How to Pep Up Your Fall Planters

The end of summer doesn’t mean the end of your flora and landscaping; look for fall plants, especially perennials, that will bring fall color and curb appeal to your property throughout the cooler autumnal and fall months.

Pep up your fall planters and beds with these fall ideas:


It is in the fall that you see Mums everywhere- in pots on porches and patios, in garden beds and borders, and even in and out of the florist shops. The reason why florists choose Mums for their arrangements is the longevity that they provide once cut.

Plant your mums in spots with well-drained soil and full to part sunny conditions. Remember that each plant can expand up to three-feet wide and three-feet in height. Do not crowd your Mums too much and prune during summer months for best blooms come Fall.

Blue Mist

For an easy-to-grow perennial that will thrive in this climate, plant Blue Mist flowers. These are resilient and like sun as well as shady spots. They grow up to two-feet tall and are a member of the Aster family. These are popular among butterflies and bees, so expect to see a few fluttering around your fall gardens and beds. It blooms blue fluffy blossoms in September through November in the Carolinas.

Climbing Aster

Speaking of Aster, consider Climbing Aster for your fall planters and landscapes. It just looks like an ordinary southern vine during spring and summer but blooms a surprising purple and pink flower in Fall. These plants attract bees and butterflies, too, and grow to heights of over ten feet.  Avoid the temptation to prune anything from the vine when it languishes in winter as this will bring new growth in autumn. This Aster does well in all types of soil and all types of sun.


The purple berries of Beautyberry make it a colorful addition to Fall landscapes. These plants grow up to six-feet wide and in height, so it is more accurate to call it a shrub. It likes full sun and the berries feed local birds all winter. The flowers are purple and fragrant, so bees may visit, too. Planting Beautyberry shrubs helps the native wildlife and ecosystem.


Finish things up with a splash of green in your gardens and beds. Go with cool-weather variegated greenery, like Farfugium, or plant a tree. Conifers, like evergreen, make sense this time of year for a few reasons. First, this is the best time to plant a conifer and they typically established well and with ease in the Carolinian climate. Plant them while the ground is still quite warm, like in late September, and choose healthy, well-rooted trees when making your purchase. Remember that any deciduous variety of tree is going to drop leaves or debris which can increase landscape labor and effort during specific seasons; talk to your landscape retailer or professional to learn more about your options.

Need some help getting the beds or planters on your property ready for fall? Carolinian consumers can call on Carolina Services Grounds Division, a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC. Create something colorful and captivating that enhances your property curb appeal, too; use these ideas this fall!