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How to Prepare the Ground for Spring Planting


Before you know it, spring planting time has come and gone. Are you ready for the busy summer season ahead? Prepare your property to ensure you are in a good position come harvest time.

Is your ground ready for spring? Use these tips to prepare for planting season:

Plan your Projects

The first thing to do is to go into spring planting season with a plan. Clean and organize your tools and supplies to see what you will need to get ready to plant. Clear the greenspace and try to get down to the bare, planting earth to see what kind of soil you are dealing with. Visit the tool shed to make sure equipment is clean, sharp, and working before spring planting time.

Get the Soil Ready

After the last frost, get your garden beds ready. First, you will need to rake or till to aerate and fortify the dirt before planting anything. A sharp spade will work but be aware: this is tough work. Add some compost and check the pH level to identify the type of soil that you have. Discuss how to best manage the acidity of your low-country soil with an area landscape professional.

Trim and Tidy-Up Your Yard

You have already trimmed and tidied your yard and greenspace, now take the time to prune any trees that need to be cut back before summer. Early spring is the best time to prune a tree as the foliage has not yet bloomed and it is possible to see the branches and ‘bones’ of the tree. This also provides ample time for the limbs and bark to heal before cooler temperatures arrive. Talk to your own landscape professional about the best time to trim your distinct trees, as it may vary depending on what you have currently growing on your property.

Plant in Phases

Finally, it is time to plant! This can be done in phases or waves, starting some plants indoors until it is warm enough in spring to replant outdoors. Hardy plants like onions and potatoes can be planted now, as can your bulbs and perennials. Some trees and shrubs can also be planted very early in spring for fall maturation or bloom.

Finish with a nice thick layer of good quality mulch over the top of whatever has been planted. This helps prevent weeds while also adding an insulative layer for early season roots. Visit local nurseries or talk to professional landscaping companies about having your property serviced- including mulch application.  Make planting season a lot easier with the full range of services provided by a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC. Reach out to the industry experts at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc. for all your low-country landscape needs.