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Ideas and Incentives for Commercial Real Estate Landscaping

Commercial real estate has a lot to gain from a thoughtful and professionally designed landscape. After all, the curb appeal of a property is the first thing that visitors, customers, and potential tenants or buyers notice; make sure that your landscaping is both appealing to the eye and functional to reap the most benefits for your business.

Consider these ideas and incentives for well-designed commercial landscaping:

Overall Value

Naturally, you must consider how landscaping contributes to the overall value of the property. This should include the social value, that is, how it fits in and adds to the surrounding properties and community. Never underestimate the merits of an alluring landscape.

Aesthetic Attraction

Along the same line as curb appeal, the aesthetic attraction is another incentive for special commercial landscaping. A recent study indicates that over two-thirds of those surveyed report that landscape design influences or has influenced their decision regarding renting or buying a property on the real estate market. If you are looking for tenants or in the market to sell, this is vital intel.

Bottom Line

With appealing landscaping comes an increase in foot traffic and visitors- which can have a direct and significant impact on your company’s bottom line. Prospective patrons are more likely to stop and shop when they feel organically drawn to your door- or when there is something intriguing or natural about the storefront, like plants or shrubbery for instance.

Foot Traffic

It is estimated that using natural features, like plants, can increase foot traffic to the locale by nearly 40%. Shoppers are likely to spend more time and money patronizing vendors that have natural tree-covered areas, around 12% according to researchers.

Green Spaces

Got trees? Commercial opportunities that feature plants and vegetation with pedestrian-friendly exteriors can garner over 20% more in rentals than those properties that lack this greenspace potential.

More Social

An attractive and well-lit landscape invites its visitors to linger, longer. People will want to visit and patronize these properties. Outdoor areas can encourage guests to sit outside and get some fresh air, creating an experience for the tenant, customer, or guest.

Safety and Security

Design a landscape that helps to make patrons, tenants, and visitors feel safe. Include elements in your landscaping that reflect attention to security and that will deter trespassers. Create a sense of safety with adequate outdoor lighting, well-marked signage, natural barriers, fire walls, and a reduced risk of fall or injury. Simple solutions can be found for these situational hazards through careful landscape planning.

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