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Incorporating Function into Your Business Landscaping

Incorporating Function Into Your Business Landscaping

Great business landscaping isn’t just for looks, and you can incorporate landscaping design elements that actually serve an important purpose to your business grounds layout. With the help of your business landscaping design professional, you can use your landscape to improve your business grounds in a more functional way. A few ideas on how to incorporate function into your business landscaping are:


  • Using shade trees – Shade trees like Oak, Magnolia, or Maple in sunny spots around your building will help to block hot sun, thereby lowering your cooling costs and keeping your indoor environment more comfortable. In the winter, when the trees lose their leaves, they’ll alternatively allow sunlight to come inside, warming your space and lowering your heating costs as well. From the outside, the trees look welcoming and beautiful, and they improve your interior environment at the same time.


  • Natural fencing or pathways – Using trees and shrubs to create pathways or walkways and to create natural fencing is another great way to incorporate function into your business landscaping design. If a portion of your business grounds is used for storage or employee only access, try using shrubs or trees to section off the area instead of harsher looking fencing.


  • Mulch and native groundcover – Using mulch and groundcover plants native to the South Carolina region looks great and helps to save you on your water and energy costs. Mulch helps to trap, hold, and distribute water in the soil where it’s needed most, while native groundcover plants are already adapted to the natural South Carolina environment. What you get by opting for these groundcover options is a method that functions to save your business money on upkeep while still keeping your grounds looking well designed and interesting.


  • Consider fragrant landscaping – Fragrant landscaping functions to create an inviting environment by tantalizing the senses. Shrubs like Gardenia, Verbena flowers, and Jasmine or Juniper for groundcover can all provide a natural fragrance perfect for businesses wanting to provide a sensory experience with their landscape.



Your business landscaping can do much more than simply look great, and your plant choices can also serve to function in your landscape in a variety of ways. Alongside your business landscaping design professional, you can craft a business landscaping design that incorporates these functional design elements to go seamlessly right with all the other landscape pieces you desire.