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Irrigation Mistakes Could be Costing You More Than You Think!

By April 30, 2018May 1st, 2018Uncategorized
Irrigation Mistakes Could be Costing You More Than You Think!

Watering your lawn and gardens may seem like a no-brainer, but watering and irrigation mistakes could be costing you money. Issues revolving around how you water your property are easily avoided and expenses curtailed when you learn the right way to water and irrigate lawns, plants, and beds.


These irrigation mistakes are common, though costly:

Watering too much.

Watering too much will not help your lawn and can end up wasting money. Excessive irrigation fosters a shallow-root system in your grass and plants, which makes it susceptible and vulnerable to heat, drought, and disease. In actuality, only your annuals need daily watering, and overwatering can cost you hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars each year.


Watering too little.

Watering too much can damage your lawn, similarly, watering too little can also have negative impacts. An under-watered lawn is weaker and more susceptible to drought; ideally, irrigate deeply, water thoroughly, but infrequently – perhaps three times per week. Rainfall alone won’t keep your lawn hydrated and lush, particularly if you have new gardens, beds, or plants in your care.


Using the wrong types of equipment.

Did you know that you do not use the same sprinkling or watering heads for lawns, shrubs, and plants? Depending on the type of root system, there are various irrigation heads suited to effectively water and hydrate the plants properly. Shrubs and other garden plants have larger root systems and do not need as much water to thrive, often half of what your lawn requires to stay hydrated.


Watering at the wrong time of day.

Another common, though costly, mistake is watering at the wrong time of day. It is easy to damage, destroy, and incur the expense of failed lawns, plants, and gardens by watering wrong. The best time to water and irrigate your foliage and plants is early in the morning, usually before 9am. This ensures the water has time to absorb into the roots and fully-evaporate before nightfall. Watering during the hottest part of the day risks moisture evaporation before it reaches the root system; if you water during cooler times, you risk creating lawn fungus and fostering disease.


Monitor your irrigation system to ensure mistakes aren’t costing you money:

Make sure that you are monitoring your watering and irrigation systems to ensure they are working effectively and efficiently. It also makes sense to invest in rain sensors, as it can be a costly error to water or use sprinkler systems during rain. Keep an eye out for leaks and problems in your watering/irrigation system and protect your investment.


Plan or schedule an audit to ensure your irrigation mistakes aren’t costing you money in wasted utilities; talk to a Carolina Services Grounds Division in Charleston for assistance and services related to irrigation and to help maintain your greenspace