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Is it Time for Tree Trimming?

If you own property, you know the importance of keeping trees and foliage trimmed and pruned, if only to maintain public safety. Since there is severe weather to consider in the Carolinas, there are times that merit tree removal for both homeowners and businesses alike.

Is it time for tree trimming on your property? Here are some of the reasons why it might be:

Less Mess

Trees shed and the result can be a mess of leaves and debris that you are responsible for dealing with. Clearing ill-placed trees allows you to create other landscape features that are less work.

Aesthetic Appeal

Get rid of any trees that are eyesores and improve the overall appearance and curb appeal of your property. Plus, removing diseased trees ensures other trees are safe from risks.

Damage Danger

Damaged trees present a real danger during Carolina storms. Wind and rain can easily break, crack, or topple trees, causing injury and damage in the process.  Get rid of these hazards.

Remove Rot

A tree with a lot of mushrooms growing on it could be a sign of internal rot. This could be a danger if left unaddressed; consider removing trees that have internal decay before they become a hazard.

Public Safety

Remove any trees that present a risk to public safety. Old, damaged, or diseased trees could be weak and vulnerable to weather, making them a public hazard for anyone nearby. Prevent problems and potential property damage by removing unstable or unhealthy trees.

New Lean

Is a tree suddenly leaning one way or the other? This could be a sign of a root problem that may compromise the stability and integrity of the entire tree. This could be a case where removing the tree makes the most sense.

Greater Good

There are occasions when removing a specific tree benefits other elements, features, or trees on the property. For instance, an invasive or undesirable species of tree that is prone to problems might be best removed professionally for the greater good.

Precarious Positioning

If a tree is growing in a spot or position that could pose danger later, it makes sense to remove or replant the tree somewhere else.

Hollow Trunks

Hollow trees should be removed before they can become vulnerable and fall. Talk to a professional tree trimmer to learn more.

Prevent Pests

Dead, diseased, or damaged trees attract Insects and pests. Get rid of the tree and solve pest problems.

Protect Property

The most important reason to trim trees and prune foliage is to prevent risk of damage to your property. Broken or falling limbs compromise your gutters, roof, HVAC unit, and car!
Got trees that need trimming? Talk to a residential or Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC. Reach out to the tree trimming and landscaping professionals at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., to learn more or schedule a consultation and free estimate.