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Is Your Landscaping Out of Date?

By March 25, 2020April 5th, 2020Landscaping Tips

Is your landscape out of date? The truth is, many homeowners and businesses suffer from outdated landscaping, due to many reasons. The good news is that it is easy to restore and bring your landscaping up to date and current. The best way to approach a landscape renovation is with a landscape professional who will help design and guide your greenspaces with you, while also maintaining them to look their best all year, any season.

Is your landscaping outdated? Some signs that it could be time to update include the following:

A Change in Light

One reason that a landscape can become outdated is due to the ever-changing natural surroundings, including the lighting. Changing light situations are common and come from the changes in an area over time, even years. Trees grow and foliage becomes dense which impact the sunlight that your property gets, day in and day out. You could have a hardy lawn underneath a barren shady patch! Do you have a lot of mud? This also can be resolved with some clever landscaping ideas and professional attention. A landscaper can identify which plants need to be moved for proper sun or which ones will thrive and prosper.


How crowded are the plants and features in your landscape? Another sign that your landscaping is out of date is overgrowth, crowding, or if it is just unsightly, in general. When your plants, shrubs, and trees mature and grow, they can exceed the space that you originally planned for them. Gardens, beds, and borders can all suffer and become weedy and untamed. What a mess!  These overgrown fixtures of your landscape may be costly to maintain, trim, and prune; perhaps there are other options that your landscape professional can offer to curb these issues and restore your greenspace.


Unfinished projects can become an eyesore in your landscaping if left for too long. A lot of things can happen that change the direction of your project, or that simply delay it from getting done. Features like patios, paths, paving, or hardscaping can look unsightly if they never reach full fruition. Rescue these works-in-progress with an intervention from a landscaping professional in your area. They can not only complete previous landscape projects but suggest solutions that improve those that may not have lived up to your expectations, too.


Finally, perhaps the most compelling reason to update your landscape is to curb and resolve safety risks. These risks include big branches that could fall and do damage, as well as overgrown areas that present a fall hazard to pedestrians. Impeded visibility can cause accidents as well as a security risk if left unaddressed.

If your property checks these boxes, it is time to give your landscape a little love. Hiring a professional landscaping company ensures that you have regular maintenance and helpful suggestions that make your property stand out and shine. Could your landscaping use some updating? Remember that your landscape directly impacts your property’s curb appeal. Talk to the industry professionals at a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company, Carolina Services Grounds Division, in Charleston, South Carolina, for assistance bringing your landscaping up to date and looking its very best. Call for estimates or to schedule service provision today.