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You could be losing more than money with sub-par irrigation systems;  your landscaping and property could be suffering, too. Particularly for those living and working in tropical climates, your irrigation system is key in distributing water throughout the landscape and ensuring plants, grass, and foliage do not wither and die. After all, plants need water to thrive and become lush. Don’t let the first impression of your property be dry or brown landscaping.

So, what else can an updated irrigation system do? Consider the following:

  • An efficient irrigation system conserves water.
  • Irrigation contributes to overall plant condition and health.
  • An effective system avoids improper watering that could kill plants.
  • Proper irrigation helps to maintain the investment that you have made in your property and landscape.

When the system doesn’t work correctly, it can cost you money; upgrading could be key in curbing costs. Is your irrigation system breaking the bank? Here is what you need to know:

Get Smart

This is the perfect time to get smart with a high-tech, ‘smart’ irrigation control device. These controllers make it possible to manage the temperature and frequency of watering- at the touch of a button. This will make it easier to be consistent in your irrigation.

Invest in New Heads

Another way to update your irrigation system is to replace older fixed spray heads. These can become hazards and risks for anyone who walks past or near the spray head in your landscape, creating a fall risk that could result in injury, too. Consider your many options for newer, more contemporary spray heads that don’t protrude and cause potential danger.

Older Plants Need Less Water

Consider how you plant and where you position things in your landscape, too. Know that older, mature plants don’t need as much water as younger, still-acclimating plants will. Position your spray heads to provide this additional water to new growth, while less frequently watering established plants. This can also contribute to water conservation, too.

Address Puddles Promptly

If you happen to see pools or puddles around your landscape, your plants are being overwatered. Over time, this will not only inflate your water bill but also will compromise the condition of your landscape.

Help It Live a Long Life

It is better to maintain and update an older irrigation system regularly, than to risk it failing and killing off your entire landscape and greenspace. Provide your system with basic maintenance and a tune-up from time to time, for optimal performance and long life.

Is it time to upgrade or update your irrigation system? Talk to the professionals at a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company, Carolina Services Grounds Division, in Charleston, SC, to learn more today.