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Keep your Landscape from Falling by the Wayside During Cooler Seasons

Keep your Landscape from Falling by the Wayside During Cooler Seasons

When the cool season comes, there is no reason to let your landscaping fall by the wayside. There are many beautiful autumnal and fall landscaping ideas; make the most of your greenspace, yard, or landscape with some simple seasonal tips.

Keep your landscape from falling by the wayside this autumn by following these recommendations:

Add Annuals

Annuals are always a good bet when it comes to fall landscaping options. If you want year-round blossoms, go with violas, pansies, and kale or cabbage for fall foliage in the garden or around the property. Add some height with snapdragons or dianthus.

Consider Color

Shake things up with a burst of color this fall. Instead of conceding to the typical oranges, yellows, and browns of the season, add some purple, white, and red to elevate your fall landscaping this year.  Try variegated coleus for late summer and early fall interest in your yard or greenspace.

Plant in Pots

Beat the fall temperatures by planting in pots and containers. Repurpose what you have or invest in some that are suited to your space, whether that is a tiny balcony or an expansive backyard. You can plant anything in a pot, from a conifer to coleus, or herbs to fruit trees. The beauty of container gardening is that you have the ability to move the plant, finding it the ideal spot regardless of the weather. 

Cover it Over

Another fall landscape tip is to protect your plants and foliage with groundcover; this also helps insulate the roots while cutting down on weed growth. Choose something alluring and colorful, like lush Irish moss or purple creeping thyme- both which are viable options in the Carolinas and the southeastern United States.

Buy Mulch

You can also preserve and support your landscaping by applying a thick layer of mulch in the fall. Choose natural bark mulch- which is also very environmentally friendly- or use a newer recycled rubber mulch, available widely in home-improvement venues. Mulch helps preserve moisture and cuts down on irrigation, year-round.

Go Green

Fall is the time to add conifers and evergreens to your landscape. These make ideal hedges, shrubs, and borders, adding to your curb appeal and privacy. Talk to a landscape professional about the right type of evergreens for your property, as well as how to maintain them and help them thrive.

Use these tips to create a captivating and well-maintained landscape all year- including during the fall season. When you are ready to do something special with your exteriors and greenspaces, or you simply need help maintaining what you have, talk to a professional in the area who knows native Carolina plants and species. Call a commercial landscaping and ground services company in Charleston, SC, Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., to learn more.