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Key Questions to Consider When Updating your Landscape Design

Key Questions to Consider When Updating your Landscape Design

Take time to consider the updates and upgrades that you make to your company’s curb appeal; after all, your commercial landscape is the first thing that prospective customers and clients see when they come to your door.

Ask the following key questions when updating landscape design:

What can be salvaged?

Before making major overhauls or changes to your landscape, consider what may be salvaged from your property. Foliage, trees, and plants may be moved, which can save money on your projects.

Have your primary functions changed?

Think about whether you require new or expanded functionality for your outdoor space. For example, if you offer service while customers wait, you may want to create a landscape that accommodates visitors and guests comfortably.

What does your future hold?

If you are questioning whether your landscape design will still work down-the-road, it could be time for a change. Think about future needs – increased consumer base, expansions, relocation – and discuss these possibilities with your landscape designer for practical solutions.

Are there any current issues?

What is currently not-working in your landscape design? If you have heard customer complaints, have trouble seeing your signage, or if it simply appears unkempt, design your landscape to resolve these issues. Pay close attention to safety hazards or problem areas.

Can you make things safer?

Customer and pedestrian safety is key, and you need to think like a consumer to figure out where potential hazards lie. For instance, it is human nature for people to cross lawns or take shortcuts through greenspaces; is your lawn level and mowed to prevent a fall?

What about weather?

If you find that the Carolinian weather presents issues with the current landscape design, this is the time to remedy it. Sloped properties may experience run-off or flooding that interferes with foliage or perhaps your lawn gets too much southern sunshine and is burnt or brown.

Are you able to maintain the landscape properly?

What use is a beautiful landscape if you can’t maintain it easily? Don’t overdo when it comes to your design; be practical and realistic as to how much time and energy you are willing to commit. It may be prudent to consider hiring a commercial landscape professional to tend, trim, and maintain your property’s greenspaces, year-round.

It makes good sense to change things up and enhance your landscape design periodically. This shows attention, relevancy, and care, which can be attractive to potential visitors and consumers. This also provides you with the opportunity to see what works and what you should modify.


Ready to update your exteriors? Work with a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, Carolina Services Grounds Division, for distinctive and pragmatic ideas to improve your business curb appeal. Before you make any major changes to your current landscape design, ask yourself these relevant questions to ensure you are making a prudent and practical choice.