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Light-up Your Business with the Fresh Look of LED Lighting

By February 28, 2018March 6th, 2018Commercial Landscaping
Light-up Your Business with the Fresh Look of LED Lighting

The days are getting warmer and brighter this time of year, and so can your business! Give your company’s curb appeal a boost with the introduction of LED lighting. Not only will you achieve a warm, welcoming look at your storefront or business, but you may also see a difference in what you are paying in overall utility costs. Are you using LED? If not, it might be time to make a change.

Light-up your business with the fresh look of LED lighting:

Sensible safety.

Better lighting can create a safer environment and lower the chance of workplace accidents, like a nasty slip and fall. Don’t risk anyone’s well-being with poor lighting; illuminate your commercial spaces and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with vigilance toward reducing accidents, incidents, and potential injuries.


When it comes to operating expenses, LED saves money; change your current fixtures and bulbs with energy-efficient LED and see lower electricity costs on your next bill. If you are using old or dated bulbs, you could be paying more each month in addition to spending your valuable time and sweat-equity changing bulbs more frequently. Make life and business easier with convenient LED lighting in your establishment; it is a choice that is also good for the environment!

Long lasting.

If you want longevity, you can’t go wrong with LED. Switch out your current lighting features with LED hardware, bulbs, and fixtures. It is estimated that LED lasts 50-times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, and around 20-times longer than halogen. Some estimate that an LED bulb will last up to 50k hours, which makes it a practical and prudent choice for your business. If your business is open for twelve-hours daily, that equates to longevity of more than 11 years! Replace your ambient fixtures with long lasting LED. You won’t regret it!

Aesthetic appeal.

Put simply, high-efficiency LED lighting creates a more welcoming environment for your employees and customers. The lighting is inviting and cool, not shadowy like some other types of light fixtures. The crisp, clear illumination of LED will also put your products and workplace in the best possible light also, which can improve sales and entice customers to buy your merchandise or service. The brightness of a light bulb is measured in lumens, and LED offer high lumens for lower costs overall, which equates to good news for any business’ bottom line.

Talk to the professionals at a reputable Landscaping and Ground Services Company near Charleston for the best ideas regarding how to illuminate your business or store-front. LED lighting offers safety, savings, longevity, and aesthetic appeal; don’t your customers, patrons, and staff deserve this? Use these tips to light-up your business with the fresh look of LED lighting!