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Make Grub Prevention Part of Your Landscaping Maintenance Plan

Make Grub Prevention Part of your Landscaping Maintenance Plan

When it comes to landscape maintenance, pests can be a problem. It is far easier to prevent pesky pests, like grubs, than it is to resolve an infestation in your garden and greenspace. Perhaps the most common grub variety is the Japanese Beetle, which can wreak havoc on your plants and turf if given the chance. Poorly maintained lawns and gardens are not as vulnerable to grubs as healthy, lush, and pampered landscapes, which provide them with the food and moisture that they need to settle in and reproduce.

Think about grub prevention when making landscape maintenance plans this season:

A Bigger Issue

Another inherent challenge related to grubs is that they attract other pests and wildlife that feed on the insects. The problem with this is the damage that these other creatures cause on your lawn and garden. Skunks, raccoons, and possums will dig and destroy your healthy, hardy grass, seeking out these grubs. Therefore, you are not only contending with a pest problem, but also the restoration of your yard and garden. The chemicals used to rid your yard of grubs are harsh; it makes much more sense to deal with this issue on a preventative basis – you will be glad that you did!

An Eco-Friendly Greenspace

As mentioned, curative treatment products use more chemical toxins than preventative treatment products do. Attacking the issue early, when grubs are smaller, is more effective and these solutions may have more of an impact. Plus, consider what you could be doing to the environment when using the more toxic products to get rid of grubs: it could be subsequently poisoning birds, bees, insects, and any other wildlife in your yard. In other words, use these toxic solutions cautiously.

Not the Last You Have Seen of Them

You should know that you will never fully get rid of grubs; they will return. Typically, the likelihood of grubs returning after treating infestations is increased, depending on how long a situation has been untreated. Ironically yet unfortunately, the healthier and greener your lawn and garden, the more likely grubs are to come back. 

Alas, even if you use preventative care and treatment for your yard and greenspaces, you still may have to deal with grubs. They can be resilient and resistant to efforts in some instances. If you do need curative treatment to rid your property of grubs, make sure that you have proper irrigation and be cognizant of the impact weather, wind, and water can have on your application.  Follow-up treatments may be key.

Got grubs? Work with a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston,  Carolina Services Grounds Division, to rid yourself of this pesky problem. Sit down with the professionals and develop a plan to prevent pests like grubs, while also looking at options related to getting rid of any pests that are currently habitating in your greenspaces.