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Make your Property Shine with This Year’s Outdoor Lighting Trends

The brightest home and garden trends this year revolve around Outdoor Lighting; it easily enhances any property and improves curb appeal with little cost and even-less maintenance. Consider various ways to improve your outdoor lighting, and in-turn, beautify your curb appeal.

Turn-on these bright trends in outdoor lighting and make your property shine.

Safety First

You should always consider safety first, and lighting is an excellent way to make your home or property a safer place to be. First, footlights or stake-lights can guide people through the property safely, without a fall or injury. Also, a well-lit property is less-alluring to trespassers or burglars. Lighting can go a long way toward preserving your family’s safety and security.

Go Wild

Forget what you thought you knew about outdoor lighting; today’s fixtures stretch the boundaries of color and function, offering an unlimited number of lighting displays at your fingertips. Consider unique patterns, colors, themes, or motifs when illuminating your exteriors; why not?

Blast the Past

Something else that is gaining popularity is to install vintage fixtures outside the home. Unique chandeliers, pendant lamps, or globes are the latest craze when it comes to creating a mood and living space in your exteriors. String lights also can be woven around foliage, fencing, or features to create an atmosphere in the space.

Think Bold

Check out some of the available options when it comes to bold statement pieces or focal points. This could be something as dramatic as an illuminated orb for the garden or a solar-powered, lit fountain for the yard. Make a statement with something distinctive.

Update Technology

One of the biggest perks of these current trends is the convenience due to the updates in technology. You now have options related to timers and remote controls, which makes it easier than ever-before to light-up your property.

Save Money

Make the switch to LED (light emitting diode) lighting and never look back. It is much cheaper to use LED due to the longevity, which makes them much-less work to maintain, change, replace, and care-for. An average LED bulb has a life of around 100k hours-halogen, old-school incandescent can’t come close to that kind of utility.

Furthermore, review your options when it comes to solar powered lights, which are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners widely. This is a way to tap into your available natural energy resources without spending money.

When it comes to your landscape lighting, never allow a layman to take care of the electrical work. Always hire an experienced and licensed electrician or hire a landscape design company that can take care of this process for you. 

Want to enhance the lighting around your property? Work with Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services company in Charleston, SC. These professionals have experience with lowcountry landscapes and the distinct lighting needs of homes, businesses, and properties in the region.