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Mower Height Mystery Solved

Many people have often assumed that cutting the lawn is an activity that takes little to no mental energy.  However, based on many of the lawns that one can see in their neighborhood, some of these people might actually be a little misled as to just how easy it really is.  From zigs and zags, to stray strips of tall grass to badly butchered grass blades – there are many ways that people frequently manage to botch what is seemingly a job fit for a dunce.  With that said, you can ensure that you will not be confused with one so long as you follow a few easy guidelines.

  1. Maybe the most important aspect to mowing grass is getting the mower height correct. Far too often people either mow their grass too high or too low.  Some people may be afraid to scalp the grass so they put it on the mower’s highest setting and whiz around the yard only to find out that whatever they did is unnoticeable.  Others may think they can prevent having to mow the following week so they decide to go low and end up badly damaging the grass.  The most appropriate approach to mowing height is to do some quick research on the specific type of grass that you have.  Different grasses need to be mowed at different heights and this means you should spend some time finding out definitively which one is best.  If you can’t figure out what type of grass you have or you simply don’t care to do the quick research then it is recommended to set your mower to a middle height.
  2. Another element that shouldn’t be forgotten is to check your bag often. Sometimes the bag can fill up unbeknownst to the mower and this can be problematic.  If you are mowing with a full bag then that most likely means that clump of freshly-cut grass will fill in your yard and will leave a dead spot where they landed.

Finally, make sure that you cut your grass often.  As mentioned previously, some people really don’t like cutting their grass and as a result they go low.  For the sake of your lawn, don’t do this.  Your grass needs to be cut regularly in order to promote growth and lushness.

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