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Need low maintenance plants for your landscape?

low-maintenance landscaping

An easy-to-care-for landscape starts with low-maintenance plants; after all, who wants to spend all their time working in the yard and garden? If you live in the low-country and Carolina’s, there are many low-maintenance options for your yard that bring interest, color, and aesthetic appeal year-round.

Need a low maintenance landscape? Start with the right plants:

Go with Native Species

Choose species that are native to the region for the easiest, most-hardy plants. For instance, native grasses add more than lush foliage to a landscape- they also provide movement which can be very visually interesting. They are also easy to care for, typically getting what they need from the eco-system without a lot of effort or expense.

Know that native species will also attract certain types of wildlife to your property. If you plant a Buddleja (or ‘butterfly bush’) on your property, you may notice butterflies and bees flocking to your yard.

Choose Perennials

If you want a hands-off type of landscape, you really should be planting perennials. First, they remove the need to replant regularly, and many offer year-round advantages. Some that bloom and bring color in warmer months, offer green foliage during chillier seasons. Perennials really are a win-win situation for home gardeners.

Trees and Shrubs Make Sense

Trees and shrubs are effortless, with the exception of some basic pruning and mulching after the initial planting. These can also bring an element of security to a property by offering concealment and coverage. Remember that some species will lose leaves and foliage in fall, or drop fruit during summer, which may require clean-up and maintenance. Mature trees are a great feature for buyers looking at homes on the real estate market, too.

Focus on your Lawn

It is tough to beat the appeal of a well-maintained and mowed lawn. This is something that homeowners can easily schedule service for, to keep it an easy and feasible task. Think of ways to make it even more healthy, including seeding in the fall, covering in the fall, or mulching in the spring. Talk to your landscape professional for more lawn care tips and tricks.

Hardscaping Helps

Remember that not all landscape features need to be living plants or trees; for example, hardscaping features like a patio, pergola, or fountain are equally as intriguing and enjoyable. Use a few hardscape elements that cut down on the amount of planting that you do, but that complement the overall landscape theme- for instance, use an arbor to complement a few simple wisteria vines.

The easiest plants, gardens, and landscapes will be those that are regularly maintained by a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC. Call or visit Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc. They provide the services and insight needed to maintain a beautiful landscape in the Carolina’s year-round.