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Oh No! Guess It’s Time to Call the Experts

Your landscaping has a direct impact on your property’s curb appeal and subsequent valuation; make sure that you are not hindering or impeding its beauty with some common missteps and misnomers.

Oh no! Is it time to call the experts? Avoid these common landscaping mistakes:

Too Much Happening

Clear some of the clutter that can distract your outdoor space and hurt your curb appeal. Decorative items are fine but remember that less can be more.

Poor Plant Placement

It is common to accidentally plant things in the wrong place. Sunlight, irrigation, shade- these are all elements to consider when plotting and planning your plants. Furthermore, consider how big plants and trees will become before committing to a spot.

Digging Too Deep

You can choke and kill a tree if you plant it too deeply. The same applies to many plants, bulbs, and seedlings, too, as this may foster root-rot.

Over-trimming Grass

While it is important to keep grass trimmed for curb appeal, you can actually harm your landscaping if you mow too closely. Bare patches or ‘burned spots’ attract insects, which may also make it vulnerable to disease. Give your grass a break in warmer months by letting it get a little longer before mowing; in cooler weather, keep it short enough for the sun to reach the ground.

Choosing the Wrong Plants

For the most landscaping success and least labor, choose native plants that will thrive and adapt with ease. Your local nursery or landscaper can help guide you toward choices that make sense for the climate and conditions.

Forgetting to Trim

Don’t forget to trim and prune trees and shrubs, year-round. Storms and wind can blow limbs or branches loose, causing damage and wreaking havoc.

Underestimating the Maintenance

Remember that the more you plant, the more work it will require to maintain. The best strategy is to hire a reliable landscaping company in your region for regular maintenance and attention. Consider the costs and how much it would cost you to obtain the tools and equipment for maintaining your landscape to determine the best approach; you may find it is far more economical to invest in regular landscaping services.

Forgetting Lighting

Your outdoor landscape lighting is as important as anything you plant, providing an element of security to your property. Upgrade current light fixtures and bulbs to energy-efficient LED. These last much longer than traditional bulbs, requiring less effort and providing more dependability.

Failure to Plan

Every great landscape begins with a plan. Trying to plot, plan, and plant without a specific design and idea in mind could be a recipe for disaster. Talk to a landscape professional to learn more.

Have you made landscaping mistakes that need some expert assistance? Don’t worry; call on a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC, Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc.