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Parking Lot Maintenance- Are You Getting Your Money’s Worth?

Parking Lot Maintenance- Are You Getting Your Money's Worth?

Are you maintaining and tending your parking lot? If you are not, you could be missing out and losing money, via potential revenues from prospective patrons. Parking lots and paved spaces can take a beating from vehicles and foot-traffic, so make sure they are pristine and safe. Don’t have time to maintain and repair your lot? Talk with Carolina Services Grounds Division in the Charleston area for scheduled visits and service provision.


Some parking lot maintenance, especially during winter, include these routine tasks:

Repair and prepare asphalt.

Check the surface of your asphalt before the coldest weather comes to make sure it is free from damage and ready for winter. Since asphalt heaves during extreme conditions, winter weather can exacerbate or worsen existing cracks and damage so make sure to repair asphalt issues in the fall.

Replace and refurbish medians.

This is also a great time to replace and spruce-up any medians in your parking lot. Paint a vibrant, reflective stripe on these cement or asphalt features to ensure they are seen, especially in winter by vehicles, snow-plows, or when obscured by snow.

Trim and prune trees.

An unpruned tree poses potential problems when wintry winds blow. Make sure that your property- and your neighbors’- is safe from flying branches with regular, routine pruning. This also will help the tree grow fuller and hardy in the spring!

Watch out when using chemicals.

Many de-icing chemicals can cause corrosion and problems with concrete or asphalt surfaces- like your parking lot! Use greener options, like simple sand or a big bag of kitty litter. Either will provide tread and protect against potential falls on ice, but won’t damage your pavement or cause harm to the environment.

Cast aside your metal shovels.

Don’t risk chipping or damaging your paved surfaces by trying to remove snow, ice, or debris with a metal shovel. Invest in a wide commercial broom, or choose a plastic-head shovel to ensure your surfaces are safe when scraping away winter’s worst.

Give your gutters some attention.

Before winter winds and precipitation comes, give your gutters some attention. Gutters are responsible for moving water from the roof of your building to the ground below; failure to maintain these can result in water, ice, and potential damage to your property. Hire landscaping professionals to clear debris from the troughs, tighten or repair any loose segments, and power-wash the gutter system to make it look its best.

Consider the cost of parking lot maintenance to be a prudent investment in your business or organization; a well-kept parking lot encourages patrons and visitors, while one that is neglected may turn-off potential customers or clients. Use these tips to prepare your parking lot for winter, and to minimize any damage or problems in the spring!

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