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Perennials Made Easy

By December 10, 2019December 23rd, 2019Gardening

If you are a beginning gardener, you may not know the multiple reasons why it makes sense to plant perennials in your landscapes and green spaces. 

Perennials are plants that bloom and come back for at least two years- often longer- and they live a lot longer than other plants, like annuals, which makes them low-maintenance and cost-efficient choices. Some other important things to know about perennials include: 


If you get great sun on your property, choose a Perennial that can stand the heat. Some popular choices include the black-eyed Susan and native feather grass.

Both add movement and texture to your beds, borders, and gardens, with a splash of dramatic color provided by the ‘Goldsturm‘, or black-eyed Susan. The two together make a visually intriguing pair in a landscape.


If you don’t live in direct sunlight, choose perennial plants that can tolerate shade. For some color, texture, and visual interest, consider planting Hosta. Hosta not only thrives in shady conditions, but it comes in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors to suit your garden and preferences.


It gets hot in the Carolinas and you want to make sure that your plants will be easy and pragmatic to water and care for during the season. Take things easy with simple Sedum foliage, which ranges in hue from bright lime and chartreuse to a golden yellow. Sedum doesn’t attract pests and grows quickly, spreading with ease.


Do you know your grow zone? Depending on where you live, different kinds of perennials will thrive and be hardy. Look up your gardening hardiness zone to know the best varieties and plants for your property. 

Hiring a professional landscaper? They will be able to offer and suggest the best perennials and species for you.


What is your soil like? If you live in the Carolinas, your soil conditions could be sandy and dry or heavy like clay; make sure to determine the precise conditions before choosing perennials to ensure they are hardy and healthy once planted. Always read the tags and care instructions that come with newly purchased plants and foliage.


Make sure that your plants have adequate room to grow and spread. Too little space will hinder their growth and, possibly, kill them.

Choose tolerant plants that aren’t fussy and that won’t wither or die if you miss a watering, for example. If you struggle with lighting issues, choose heat resistant plants or shade tolerant options that won’t be sensitive to fluctuations in your environment. Want some help planning, preparing, and implementing landscapes and gardens at your property? Talk to the experts at a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC; choose Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc, for prompt and expert provision in the low-country today.