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Perfect Parking Lot Trees

Carolina Grounds - Best Trees for a Parking Lot

If you have a parking lot, choose trees and foliage carefully. The perfect parking lot trees are ones that provide shade and beauty, but also are those that provide a sense of security or privacy as needed. They will hinder noise pollution, reduce drainage issues, and even help reduce the carbon footprint that you leave behind by creating oxygen.

Make sure that the trees you plant in your parking lot landscaping can hold up to the hot temperatures of the Lowcountry, while also thriving in less than ideal, often-compacted soil conditions. You also want trees that won’t leave a big mess in your parking lot and that don’t have low branches with the potential to cause injury or damage visitors’ property.

Some perfect parking lot trees for your Carolina property are:

Flowering Cherry Blossom

The flowering cherry blossom tree is a staple of southern landscapes with the brilliant show of soft pink or white blooms. They bloom in the early spring months, and provide the perfect pop of color, shade, and nature that your parking lot needs.

Caring for the cherry blossom is easy as these trees are pest and disease resistant. They are also drought tolerant so they will thrive in a hot parking lot in the Carolina summer season. These trees are tall and attract birds, often reaching heights of 30-feet when fully matured.

Crepe Myrtle

The crepe myrtle is seen widely throughout the South, and in fact, it is considered one of the most useful and utilitarian of all flowering trees. First, it flowers for a long season with gorgeous clusters of flowers in shades of red and pink to lavender and white- depending on the tree.

Crepe myrtle requires little special care; just remember to irrigate this drought-tolerant tree. Pests and disease are not usually an issue for crepe myrtle. Crepe myrtle grows fast and can reach 30-feet tall. Another perk of the crepe myrtle is its low cost, making it a good choice for commercial landscapes.


Another beautiful choice for a flowering parking lot tree is the Redbud, boasting dusty pink blossoms in spring through summer. This tree typically grows to be over 20-feet in height, tolerates drought conditions, and features delicate heart-shaped greenery. Pests are not usually a problem for Redbud.  

The Carolinian climate can be harsh and hot in summer seasons; add to that the harsh conditions of a parking lot, and you need a hardy, tolerant tree. These three will withstand this environment as long as they are properly irrigated. 

Need the perfect trees for your parking lot? Talk to the industry experts at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC.  They will point you in the right direction for the perfect tree for your space, while also helping you maintain your landscaping and property curb appeal. Call today to learn more.