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Protect your Property from Cold Weather

If you want your landscape to thrive and prosper in spring, plan on paying attention to winter prep; winter prep can help your yard and garden survive the long, cold season and come back with a vengeance when the weather warms in spring.

Some tips to help protect your property from cold weather are:

Wrap Trunks and Shrubs

Keep your shrubbery and trees warm this winter by wrapping their trunks with burlap or special fabric that is found in most home and garden stores or sites. This protects the trunk or shrub from wind, salt, and the elements when the weather gets colder.

Trim your Trees

Plan-ahead and schedule tree trimming services before the winter winds blow. Damaged, diseased, or broken limbs can break free and cause potential danger to anything- and anyone- nearby. Prevent tragedy by getting your trees trimmed by a landscaping professional.

Replace Annuals with Winter Plants

Make sure to remove any fall plants, like mums, before winter. Before the ground freezes, consider adding some winter vegetation or foliage to maintain the appearance and curb appeal of your property. Conifers and calendula are viable cool-weather options in the Carolinas.

Make a Scarecrow

Keep birds and pests away from what you have in your autumn and fall landscape with scarecrows. These are easy to make with items you probably already have, and they are as practical as they are endearing. Keeping birds away from your plants, garden, and property is beneficial this time of year to curb the waste and mess that gets left behind.

Turn your Mulch

Mulch can get expensive when you have to replace it year after year; instead, try turning or tilling the mulch to get more utility and longer use. Use a shovel or rake to simply turn and aerate the mulch around your property. Fill in spots as needed to ensure all areas of your landscaping are protected with mulch.

Aerate Grass

Aerate your lawn to break down any dead grass and help reduce pests. Insects and rodents are attracted to the thatch, or dead grass, that can clump and accumulate on an autumn lawn. Aerating the grass helps to churn the thatch into the soil, creating less mess and an improved appearance.

Test the Soil

Be proactive and have the soil tested now so that you need what it will need in the spring. Do this and get your sample before the weather turns and the ground freezes. Work on accumulating what you will need to improve the condition of your soil for the hardiest results.

Consider hiring a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC, to keep your commercial property protected all winter, and lush all summer. Talk to the professionals at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., today to learn more.