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Rye Grass: A Simple Winter Lawn Maintenance Solution

By February 15, 2016February 24th, 2016Commercial Landscaping

Most people tend to view the winter months as a welcomed respite from lawn maintenance. And it is true that these cooler months can provide some much needed time off from laboring in the lawn on those hot summer days. However, it is during these months that one can really separate themselves from their neighbors and do so without having to spend long hours in the cold.

One of the easiest ways to have your lawn stand out during this time is to overseed your existing grass with a seasonal rye grass. With just a little lawn maintenance, your lawn can go from the number of yards with crunchy brown sod to a yard that leaves people wondering what it is that has your grass looking so different from the rest.

Simply put, overseeding with rye grass means that you are spreading seed over the top of your existing sod. As a general rule of thumb, it is best to put rye seed down when there is a 20-degree difference between the high and low temperature. Spreading the seed at this time will ensure that the grass can grow and flourish as rye grass is intolerant of higher temperatures.

As far as spreading the seed goes, one can do it by hand or by a wheeled-spreader. Most people will already have a spreader that they use for fertilizing and this will work perfectly for this type of lawn maintenance. You will find that a wheeled-spreader makes much quicker work of the task but it will be necessary to use greater detail along borders and edges.

It is very important that one waters the lawn on the same day as the spreading as this will activate the germination process. Rye grass will need frequent watering during the first few days and then at least once a week after it has begun to grow. It is also important to cut the grass at least once a week and to do so on your mower’s highest setting; this will leave your grass looking soft, thick and plush.

Overseeding dormant turfs with rye grass can turn into a yearly process for many people who see the results. Achieving great results may prove difficult to some and others may not want to spend the requisite time on lawn maintenance to produce the result. It can be worth having a professional aid in the overseeding process if the best results are desired but you are not sure if you can procure them or have the time to do so.

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