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Seasonal Lawn Maintenance Tips for Businesses  

Worker mowing grass seasonal lawn maintenance

If you own a business or manage a commercial property, ensure that your exteriors and greenspaces are maintained all year long- including your lawn. Curb appeal is directly linked to your prospective buyer or potential customer’s first impression of your business; make it a favorable one. Seasonal lawn maintenance is necessary from spring through winter; creating a lawn care calendar to ensure tasks are completed promptly can help make it manageable.  

Schedule the following lawn maintenance tasks seasonally: 


Spring is the best time to plan for the year ahead and hire your landscaping and lawn crew. You should have a soil test in spring, as this helps determine what the landscape will need, such as fertilizer, to thrive and flourish later. Spring is the time for synthetic fertilizers, but if you are applying organic types of fertilizer, hold off until summer for best results.  

As for pest control, plan to treat and prevent grubs in the spring, and apply fungicides to keep your grass healthy. Use insecticides in spring- or any season for that matter. Aerate and seed warm-season grasses this time of year, as well.  


In the summer, you need to be vigilant about weed control and treatment. This is the time that weeds thrive. Furthermore, weeds promote pests, so make sure to use herbicides, insecticides, and fungicide during warmer weather, too. Pests are most prevalent during the hottest times of the year. Now is the time to use your organic fertilizers.  

Assess and adjust pH levels of your soil with things like sulfur and lime during summer. Talk to your lawncare professional to learn more.  


Before you realize it, fall has rolled around. When the weather begins to turn cooler, it is not the time to neglect the lawn. First, begin to consider how you will prepare your lawn for winter. You don’t want to promote and foster a lot of new grass growth, so use fertilizers gingerly and sparingly, if at all, this time of year. Continue to irrigate, water, and mow your lawn- but when the grass stops growing, cease. That is, when the grass is resting and not growing, leave it alone until spring.  


So, what do you need to do for your lawn in the winter? When you have time away from the outdoor lawn care and landscaping, make a point to evaluate your lawn care equipment and supplies to make sure you are prepared for the seasons ahead.  

For example, try and test your devices- like trimmers, mowers, and blowers- and give them all a good cleaning. Replace strings, change oil, drain fluids, and sharpen blades to prepare for springtime. If you outsource your lawn care, this is an easy season for you with minimal work required!

For lawns featuring warm season grasses, test the pH during the winter months. Add sulfur to reduce the pH level if necessary, and lime to increase the pH, accordingly.  

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