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Showcase Your Business with a Commercial Flower Installation

commercial flower installation

Is your business’s lawn like the vast majority of other properties on the street?  Maybe there are some trees here or some shrubs over there. There might even be a decently maintained lawn out front.  But is your business fit to be billed as 50 shades of green?  If so, you may want to invest in a commercial flower installation that can add that needed contrast and pop that will have your clients and customers taking notice of your space for the right reasons.

If you’re looking to get started on your own, whether for your residential space or a smaller commercial space, consider the following guidelines. Before you go to your local nursery or home improvement store and begin plugging the flowers into the earth, it is worth taking note of a few tips that will ensure they will actually take root and flourish and not die.   True, we are looking to add color to the landscape, but brown is a color we can do without!

Space design is one of the more complex aspects of commercial flower installation and is often a reason companies decide to hire a professional for both installation and maintenance of their commercial space.

If you plan to do it yourself, however, the first action that you will need to take when you get ready to plant your flowers is to lay them out in the way that you want them. Setting out the flowers in the pattern that you want them to be before actually planting them will help you avoid having to dig flowers back up and remove them or having to deal with a flower pattern that seems off-kilter.

Once you have everything laid out, you will want to water each of the flowers while they are still in the pots.  This will help the root ball remain intact.  Think of this step as similar to when you spray a pan before baking.  Once you’ve watered and then removed the flowers from their pots, you can now loosen the tight roots.  You can use either your fingers or a pencil to do this.  Be sure to be delicate so that the root ball will remain fully intact.  Loosening the tighter roots will help promote the spread of the roots into the soil.

Finally, it is worth putting some slow-release flower fertilizer at the bottom of the hole that you’ve created.  This will certainly prompt a quick start for the flowers and will mitigate any potential transfer issues.  It is also worth noting that when you push the soil back around and over the top of the flowers, you should leave the top of the root ball slightly exposed.  Do not make the mistake of piling soil over the entirety of the root ball as this will stifle growth.  Once you’ve followed these steps, then just be sure to water frequently and watch them grow!

If you have a small space, you may want to do the flower installation yourself, but if you are looking for a more extensive commercial flower installation, we recommend contacting our team to help with the space design and layout of your commercial floor installation.

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