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Stand-out: Landscaping that Enhances and Elevates your Business Signage

Landscaping that Enhances and Elevates your Business Signage

Your company’s sign is a key component of your commercial curb appeal; without proper signage, prospective patrons may never find your establishment or understand what you offer. Since your sign is so important, use landscaping tips that will draw attention and enhance the looks of your company signage.


Bring a sense of flow and draw attention to your sign with these tips:


Light it up.

Don’t forget about illuminating your sign; lighting is integral to drawing the attention of potential patrons. Use outdoor spotlights pointed directly-at or above your sign to make sure it is seen after-dark, and consider stake-lights around your plants, flowers, or other landscape features.


Plant regularly.

Plan to change things up from time-to-time with annuals; put the effort in regular routine plantings to keep things fresh and in-bloom. If this is too much to keep up with, hire a reputable landscaper in the Charleston area to maintain and plant for your business.


Flank with shrubs.

Another way to draw attention is to flank your sign with something vertical that will capture the attention of motorists or pedestrians. Some things that work well are conifers and shrubbery that can be planted on both ends of your signage.


Make a connection.

Connect your sign to your building or entrance with trees, perennials, or shrubbery. This will direct the eye from the sign to your door, which can also be made more welcoming with a hanging basket or some potted plants.


Create tiers.

Tiers are another effective way to captivate and evoke interest in your curb appeal. Use a circular design around the sign for your annuals and flower beds, then plant varying heights of plants, grasses, and shrubs around the beds. Start with the tallest near your sign and work downward, until your shortest plants border the bed of annuals.


Buy boxes.

If you lack greenspace around your signage, make your own! Plant containers and boxes that can grow to flank the sign, or that add a pop of color just underneath your sign to garner some interest and grab attention. Invest in boxes that are lined with adequate drainage for your plants and flowers.


Keep up on it.

A big mistake that many proprietors make is to fail to maintain their landscaping once it is implemented and planted. Make sure that you don’t get too ambitious and underestimate the importance of maintenance to make your business appealing to prospective customers. Depending on your distinct situation, this may merit the assistance and expertise of a professional landscape company in the region.


Naturally, if your sign is sub-par, you will want to invest resources to making it the best it can be. Don’t skimp on signage, as this is a critical piece of your marketing, brand, and advertising.


Want to make the most of your company signage? Improve and enhance the landscaping that surrounds it; contact and work with a Carolina Services Grounds DivisionĀ in Charleston for the best commercial landscaping ideas and to maintain your curb appeal year round.