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Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Business Landscaping

Subsurface Drip Irrigation for Business Landscaping

Business Landscaping offers several advantages including aesthetic appeal, water conservation, reduced utility costs, and support of local ecosystems. There are many ways a business can use their landscaping while also helping the environment.

What is Subsurface Drip Irrigation?

Subsurface drip irrigation is a low pressure and high-efficiency irrigation system that employs drip tubes that are buried in the ground to meet water needs. Subsurface irrigation helps save water, eliminate surface water evaporation, and rid the area of weeds.

Advantages of Drip Irrigation

There are many advantages of drip irrigation for business landscaping. This type of irrigation system proves to be efficient, cost-saving, and can be installed in either a new development or an existing landscape.
Drip irrigation can accommodate irregularly shaped and sloped landscapes. It can reduce soil erosion and weeds, create more uniform water distribution for the area, and help reduce diseases due to minimal water contact with other foliage.

Drip Irrigation Versus Sprinklers

Businesses should always evaluate their landscaping and maintenance needs in order to find ways to save money and possibly even improve the environment. Drip irrigation minimizes water use and can help prevent uneven water applications and water loss due to evaporation and improperly placed sprinklers.

How many times have you gone to a business or residence and wondered why the sprinklers were watering the sidewalk more than the grass or plants? While sprinkler irrigation can sustain regular and frequent irrigation, it can also be upgraded to a more environmentally friendly and adjustable option.

Drip irrigation takes place underground, where the water will not evaporate like it would with a sprinkler system.
If you have a lot of trees, shrubs, and flowers in your landscape design, then drip irrigation is a good choice when it comes to watering and maintaining. It allows you to have some control over how much water is used and how often the area is watered. A drip system is a customizable solution for your business landscaping needs.