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The Impact of Droughts on Commercial Lawns  

Impact of droughts on commercial lawns dead dry grass South Carolina

Droughts are periods of time- short and extended- when there is little to no rain in the forecast, and these periods can have an impact on your landscaping, plants, and grass. Keep an eye out for signs that your company’s lawn is being affected by droughts- and use some tips to curb the damage to your exteriors. Keep in mind that it’s a lot easier to maintain a good lawn than it is to replace it if it dies and you have to start from scratch. 

Here is what you should know about the impact of droughts: 

Signs that Droughts are Affecting a Lawn 

Do you know the signs that a drought is impacting your grass? Sometimes, the lawn will turn a dull gray, a sure sign of lack of water. Another thing to look for is if your footprints stay embedded in the grass for a while. Additionally, pay attention to whether your grass is thin and weak-looking. These are all signs that your lawn is being impacted by a drought. 

Prognosis for Your Grass 

Can your lawn survive the impact of droughts? Yes- if you provide care during and after dormancy. Dormant lawns are typically brown, but not yet dead. The only way to determine if your lawn will live is after the drought: does the grass perk-up and recover with water and attention? If not, it is likely that the drought has killed your grass.

Lawn Tips During Droughts 

It is important to follow some standard tips during a drought to prolong the life of your grass. Here is what you need to know during a drought: 

  • Avoid mowing the grass.  
  • If you must mow, mow at three inches or higher during the early morning or at night.  
  • Continue your lawn services during drought, including weed and pest applications.   
  • When you water, do so often and water about a half-inch per watering.  
  • Hand water the areas that need it the most.  

Always pay heed to watering restrictions and guidelines for your area during a drought.  

Prepare a Lawn for Droughts 

So, how do you prepare your commercial lawn for a drought? Here are some suggestions: 

  • Apply plenty of fertilizer regularly and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on the product. Make sure that your lawn is getting proper nutrients to survive the drought, as well as for healthy root growth and development to make it hardy.  
  • Aerate the soil by loosening it so it can make the most of the water that it receives. This also ensures that the grass is able to absorb the nutrients, making it more hardy and able to thrive during drought conditions.  
  • Do not ignore pest control before a drought. When your lawn is stressed by a drought, it is more vulnerable to the damage of pests, like grubs, chinch bugs, and beetles.  

Believe it or not, droughts in South Carolina are not uncommon. They may not often reach levels that call for a state of emergency, but they are impactful enough to effect your business lawn. Talk to the team at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., today. Carolina Services Grounds Division is a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, South Carolina, and they know what to do to save your lawn and landscaping during a drought- and how to prepare right now. Call or visit today.