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The Importance of Proper Lighting for Commercial Properties

By February 16, 2022March 15th, 2022Uncategorized

Commercial lighting are specialized lighting solutions used by businesses. For retail stores, the lighting must draw more customers inside and make them want to stay and purchase. For outdoor lighting — it’s primarily for safety and security, and for highlighting important features. If your business has insufficient lighting, we suggest that you get in touch with a professional for a consultation.

Lighting for Commercial Properties

Proper lighting is crucial to businesses as it doesn’t just provide a safe atmosphere for your employees but it can also help you invite more customers and make them feel welcome. It’s not enough to just provide lighting on the parking lot and pathways though, it’s best to use a variety of different lamps and fixtures to create balance. Lighting the wrong spot also causes uncomfortable glare.

Below are some tips to help you improve your commercial lighting.

Go for Energy-Efficient Lights

It might be easier upfront to go with a less expensive option, but this often comes with older technology that may not be able to provide maximum energy efficiency. We suggest that you speak to a professional to help you make an informed decision on what lighting is suitable for your commercial property.

Have Proper and Adequate Lighting

Poor lighting can lead to falls and slips that may cause serious injuries to your customers and employees. To ensure safety, you must properly illuminate the place. For indoor lighting, make sure that you also get access to ceiling and natural lights. Outside, provide adequate lighting to the pathways and consider using glare shields so the light goes where it should go.

When choosing the lights, make sure that you don’t overlook maintenance. Go for high-quality lights that don’t require a lot of maintenance and are not difficult to replace.

If you just moved into a new office or are completely replacing your interior and exterior lighting, talk to your contractor and find out if they can also help you properly dispose of the old lights to avoid fines and other issues. And don’t forget to check for warranties and rebates to save money with your commercial lighting.

Highlight Outdoor Landscaping

To create a beautiful nighttime landscape, make sure that you highlight trees, sculptures, waterfalls and other attractive focal points. You can use different lighting techniques such as up-lighting for dramatic effect; moonlighting to create a moonlight appearance; cross-lighting to reduce shadows and add depth; and silhouetting to emphasize trees.

Hire the Right Professionals

You’ll get the best return on your investment when qualified people are helping you enhance your commercial lighting. And that’s where Carolina Services Grounds Division comes in. We help businesses with their outdoor lighting and landscaping to ensure their spaces are well-lit and beautiful. Talk to us so we can provide you with the best commercial lighting solutions.