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The Must Do’s of a Commercial Landscaping Contractor

The Must Do’s of a Commercial Landscaping Contractor

Finding a commercial landscape contractor can be a daunting process if you are not sure what their responsibility will be and what services are included. Asking these questions is key before hiring a commercial landscaping contractor so you are not left guessing whether your property will be properly maintained.

Ask Questions

Always ask questions. Typically, a commercial landscaping contractor will provide a number of different services that include, but are not limited to, the following: design, installation, and maintenance. A full-service company will provide all of these options, and the services you choose should be listed in your contract.

Insurance and Liability

A commercial landscaping contractor should also have the proper insurance and liability, which should also be covered in your contract. The contract should include all details regarding coverage types and amounts. A commercial landscaper should also display a clear understanding of accident procedures and make safety one of their top priorities.


A commercial landscaping contractor will maintain the property so that it will continue to appeal to those visiting. The space will remain in line with the aesthetic from the original design and should continue to provide vision and direction for your customers.

A business should be more focused on what they are doing and less focused on having to maintain their property. Having a commercial landscaping contractor can free up a business’s time, and allow the owner and employees to focus on running their business while someone else to maintains the grounds.

A landscaping contractor will be able to maintain a clean and beautiful aesthetic while continuing to ensure a safe and functional space for everyone. Trees will be trimmed when needed, sidewalks will remain clear and unobstructed, and the flowers and other shrubbery will remain colorful and thrive in the environment.

If you ever want to make additions to the landscape design, they will also be able to discuss any and all options.  Lighting and water features are a few things that can also be added to create a beautiful focal point for the design.

Before giving up hope of finding a good commercial landscaping contractor to take care of your property, be sure to ask questions and find out the full range of services they provide.