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The state of the world post-pandemic are defining and guiding 2021 landscaping trends. For many, work and home are one and the same these days. The goals and objectives of homeowners and businesses have changed in light of the pandemic, and many are modifying and redefining what is truly important both at home and at work.

These are some landscaping trends emerging that are truly defining the year 2021:


Technology is trending in landscaping for 2021; primarily, this year technology means robotic mowing machines to make quick and easy work of vast lots and large lawns. A landscaper can set up these mowers to cover certain areas and their borders while working on other areas and taking care of other projects. This boosts productivity and demonstrates that efficiency is also on-trend for the coming year!


Sure, it is always a win-win to think about sustainability when it comes to your landscaping, and that has never been more evident than in the trends for 2021. Embrace sustainability by planting wild, native species on lots and skipping the turf and grass seed. Consider wildflowers that will attract bees, butterflies, and birds this season which helps to cut down on your sweat equity for the property, as these eco-friendly landscapes don’t require mowing or manual irrigation like other plants and grass do.


The pandemic taught everyone a lesson or two when it comes to health and safety, but how does this apply to landscaping? Make sure that your landscape continues to adhere and observe the stance that many will carry into 2021 of social distancing and improved sanitation. If your property isn’t clean and well maintained, it won’t matter what you plant or if you mow your grass. Enhance safety with improved access, less clutter, cleaner surroundings, and ample room to move about. Your visitors, customers, or loved ones will appreciate it!


After spending so much time at home, consumers are looking for more to do outside. That is, everyone felt their safest out in natural, open spaces; replicate this with interesting amenities that give visitors cause to sit and stay for a bit. For instance, provide comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating, perhaps with a water feature to add a relaxing calm atmosphere to your outdoor space.


Finally, people are simply looking for outdoor spaces that restore and rejuvenate them mentally and physically. For some, this is a quiet place to sit and enjoy nature while others may like intricate plants and vibrant lighting displays. Focus your outdoor endeavors on rejuvenating all who visit the space – whether it be your clients and customers or friends and family.

Need help with your landscaping?

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