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Wondering whether to prune, or not to prune, the trees and shrubs on your property? You should know that rejuvenation pruning enhances and sustains many species, as long as it’s done properly at the right time of year, typically mid-late winter. Take some tips from professional landscapers in the Carolinas to know a bit more before pruning your trees and foliage.

To prune or not to prune? That is the question:

Rejuvenation Pruning

When it comes to pruning, try a process called rejuvenation pruning. This involves removing damaged, broken, or branches that exhibit signs of disease; this improves the overall condition of the tree or shrub, allowing for new growth when spring comes around. This is also a good tactic for plants and foliage that overtakes beds and borders, crowding other plants and causing maintenance issues near your public spaces, like paths or signage.

The Process

Start by significantly cutting back on branches, getting rid of the oldest and largest first. These should be reduced to a mere stub, though you may cut younger branches back less dramatically.

The Criteria

So, the question remains as to whether you should prune or not; do your shrubs and trees need this level of pruning? There are a few criteria that may indicate whether your plants and trees will benefit from rejuvenation pruning:

  • There are weak, hanging limbs.
  • Plants and trees are taking over parking lots, paths, or public spaces.
  • The overgrowth is causing safety concerns.
  • The plants or branches present a fall hazard.
  • The foliage or plants are an obstacle.
  • The overgrowth is blocking or concealing your signage.

Talk to a landscaper about rejuvenation pruning if your property meets any of these criteria.

Curb Appeal

When trees or shrubs mature and expand, it can impact your curb appeal. It is not always attractive and safe to allow this overgrowth to thrive- particularly if you own a commercial property. You could be setting yourself up for liability if someone falls or if damage occurs. Keep it cleaned up and preserve your curb appeal.


Rejuvenation pruning is also considered an eco-friendly tactic that is kind to the environment. This type of pruning increases the life of your plants and makes them hardier- so you are maintaining and protecting the investment that you have made in your landscaping. It is a much better, and cost-effective, solution than merely replacing tired or dying plants year after year.

Don’t wonder or worry about pruning; call on a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., to take care of it for you. With expertise in both residential and commercial properties, you can rest assured your landscaping is in good hands.