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Watering Wisely: A Guide to Efficient Lawn Irrigation

Efficient lawn irrigation systems business landscaping

If you have a lawn, watering is key to maintaining it and helping it to thrive. This comes down to efficient lawn irrigation; consider the following guide to watering wisely.  

Continue to Water in Autumn 

Don’t neglect to water your grass just because the weather turns cooler. Watering in autumn and fall aids in recovery from the summer heat and promotes strength for winter. Fertilize in fall but make sure you water adequately so that the fertilizer is effective and well dissolved.   

Use a Sprinkler with a Tripod 

Choose a sprinkler that is adjustable, like an impact or rotary sprinkler, and use it with a tripod. This provides the best control and efficiency of the water, when irrigating your lawn and grass. This versatility allows you to move and adapt the water to where it is needed most at that time. Additionally, the added height of the tripod works well on larger plots of grass and lawns, spraying water further.   

Treat Grass Seed with Care 

Take care of grass seed to prevent it being washed away or moved during watering. Reseeding your lawn helps recover any bare patches or dead spots, but they must be kept damp until germinated. Also, if the seed dries out, it will die, so make sure to water carefully. Protect seeded spots with landscaping fabric, burlap, or mulch- and use a light hand when watering to prevent seeds from scattering. Plan to water the seeded grass once a day, ideally early when the sun is out.  

Remote Hose Connections Help 

If your outside faucet is inconveniently located, consider adding a remote faucet. This will prevent the need to pull a long hose far and wide, instead making it easier to reach out-of-the-way spots of grass or gardens. You can choose to connect pipe straps to a fence or invest in an underground pipe to create a remote faucet connection. Stop struggling with long, bulky hoses and talk to a landscaping professional to find out more! 

Consider an Efficient Lawn Irrigation System 

If you really want to water wisely, consider investing in an effective irrigation system for your property. These underground systems are often controlled with a programmable timer and remote, making it possible to water effectively, efficiently, and easily. 

More Lawn Watering Tips 

  • Think about your distinct conditions and water accordingly. For example, if watering beneath the canopy of trees, water less; when watering sunny spots, water more.  
  • Your lawn and grass do not go dormant during drought conditions, contrary to common belief. Make sure to water grass to prevent it from dying.  
  • Water in the morning so that the grass has time to absorb the moisture during daytime. Watering at night may cause bacteria and fungus to grow.   
  • Try using impact or rotary sprinklers to control and direct the water in an effective and efficient manner.  

Want to know more about growing a healthy and hardy lawn? Implement these tips and talk to the professionals at Carolina Services Grounds Divisiona Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC, for quality lawn care services and irrigation systems.