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What Mulch Is Best For My Property?

It may seem most important to buy the best mulch when adding to your yard and garden, but a more important issue is the type of mulch that you utilize. Mulch can help conserve water, deter pests, and protect the investment that you have in your garden and green spaces. Visit home and garden retailers to choose mulch that makes the most sense for your distinct needs.

So, what is the right type of mulch for you and your landscaping?

Bark Mulch

Shredded bark or bark mulch is perhaps the most common due in part to its low price. Costs vary depending on the type of bark used, and cedar is a popular choice among those buying bark mulch. Bark mulch works well on all types of terrain and it takes a while to breakdown and biodegrade so it lasts. Bark Mulch creates a barrier that conserves moisture and uses less water and it can bring much-needed nutrients to the soil. Furthermore, bark mulch provides a polished appearance that enhances curb appeal.

Straw Mulch

There is no mistaking the look of light, golden Straw mulch when it has been applied to a lawn or garden. It takes longer to break down than leaves or clippings, so it is a good option for insulating and protecting your landscape features during winter. Straw also makes sense for fruit and vegetable plants as it helps filter and remove dirt and mud from your harvest.

Bark Nuggets

Bark nuggets are similar to bark mulch, but the chunkier pieces take longer to break down, thus you have a longer-lasting product. This is better used in level terrain that is not prone to a lot of precipitation or run-off, as the nuggets could get washed away.

Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch is the benchmark of mulch as it has that natural cedar oil that both repels pests and smells great. Cedar mulch can help deter termites, too. Cedar has a rich, robust color that brings curb appeal to your landscape.

Pine Shavings

Pine Peelings or shavings are usually the material left behind during millwork or other wood processing. This mulch is not as uniform in color or size but serves the function of protecting plants and conserving moisture. Plus, many choose wood shavings as it is affordable and widely available.


Eco-friendly organic Compost looks a lot like potting soil, dark and rich, but it can be used like any other kind of mulch. This is inexpensive- or free if you compost your own- and it breaks down quickly, adding nutrients to the soil fast so reapply often for best results.

Mulch periodically, at least every spring and again in the fall. A good layer of mulch later in the winter helps keep plants warm and protected during inclement weather conditions.

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