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What Should I Look For In A Commercial Landscaping Contractor?

What Should I Look For In A Commercial Landscaping Contractor?

Your landscape is a huge part of your business curb appeal, and hiring a commercial landscaping contractor is an important part of keeping that curb appeal attractive and welcoming. Not all commercial landscaping contractors are the same, however, and making sure to choose the best fit for you and your business or business complex is a pretty important decision to make. Going with the wrong contractor can leave you with an expensive fix, and knowing what to look for and ask can ensure you’re making the correct choice.

Characteristics to Look For

Before asking questions of any commercial landscaping contractor, first look for some key characteristics. Contractors without these important characteristics may not be those you want to consider at all. Save time by writing out a list of offerings and important elements you look for in a landscaping company first.


One important thing to look for in your commercial landscaping contractor is all-season service, which allows you to have one contractor in charge of landscaping upkeep at your property throughout the year.  An all-season contractor offers not only convenience, but consistency in design, service, maintenance, and style that keeps your business landscape looking put together. By using one contractor in the warmer months, and another in the cooler months, you could find yourself with a disconnect especially in transitional fall and spring.


Environmental sustainability is something else you may want to look for in your commercial landscaping contractor. This is something that can impact all aspects of your landscaping. Energy efficient lighting and irrigation, knowledge of drought tolerant plants, and eco-friendly chemical use can all help to lower your property’s carbon footprint, and in some cases, lower maintenance costs.


Lastly, be sure there are readily available reviews or testimonials from current clients of the commercial landscaping contractor service you’re looking in to. Testimonials and client reviews can give you a look into what a first-hand experience will look like, leaving you feeling confident about your decision to choose a particular commercial landscaping contractor.


While these are just a few characteristics to make note of while researching the commercial landscaping contractor of your choice, your needs may vary depending on your individual property or landscaping vision.


Questions To Ask Your Commercial Landscaping Contractor

While some information about potential commercial landscaping contractors may be readily available for you to read, other things might need to be asked. Asking a few questions of your company can really help to ensure that you’re getting just what you need out of a commercial landscaping service, which will leave you with the most positive experience. A few questions to ask of your commercial landscaping contractor are:


  • What types of landscapers are part of your team? – One thing that many people don’t know is that there are many types of landscapers. Landscape architects work to plan and design your business landscape, choosing types of plants to fit your budget and coming up with a landscaping vision. Landscape managers work to maintain your landscape all throughout the year. Arborists take care of trees. Depending on your specific commercial landscaping needs, you may require a landscaping team with various talents on board.


  • Can I see a portfolio? – Asking to see a commercial landscaping contractor’s portfolio can give you a great look into the type of work they do and the sort of landscapes they’ve accomplished in your area. Additionally, taking a peek into the portfolio can provide excellent design inspiration and a glance of the styles a particular contractor really shines in.


  • What types of licenses and insurance do you have? – Injuries can happen during landscaping jobs, and even more so if your chosen commercial landscaping contractor does not have the proper licensure or experience. Asking any potential commercial landscaping contractor what type of licensure they have, and what insurance they keep in case of any accident, is a great way to keep yourself covered.


  • What type of guarantees do you offer? – Whether for plants or other materials, check to see if your commercial landscaping contractor offers any sort of guarantees covering the landscaping they install or design. Guarantees may not be a make or break offering, but it’s beneficial to know and understand any guarantees a company may choose to offer.


Choosing the right commercial landscaping contractor can be the beginning of a great business to business relationship, and making that right choice really only takes some smart questions and knowing what to look for in your chosen service. Great curb appeal begins with great landscaping, no matter the season, and your commercial landscaping contractor can ensure that your commercial property looks its very best all throughout the year.