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What to Avoid in Commercial Landscaping

What to Avoid in Commercial Landscaping

Commercial landscaping definitely has its appeals and advantages when it is done properly. However, some mistakes may be made along the way that turn your expense of commercial landscaping into an area of focus that is not doing anything for the value of your business and the property, and may not even help improve foot traffic.

The following is a list of some of the biggest mistakes that can be made in commercial landscaping so you will have a better idea of what to avoid.

The main reason a business employs commercial landscaping is to attract customers and clients and improve the overall aesthetics and appeal of their property. If the outside of the property looks well maintained and put together, then people are quick to assume that the business conducts itself in the same manner. Commercial landscaping is the first impression people get when they come upon your property and can easily drive or attract them.

Commercial landscaping is also a sizable commitment and investment.  You want to be sure that your plan falls in line with what is good and profitable, and that you ensure proper and professionally execution while staying within the specified budget.

Common Commercial Landscaping Mistakes

  • Settling for a Look

Choosing the design and placement of your commercial landscaping is a big decision, and you must take into account the area in which you are located and the weather you experience during the different seasons. Since the goal is to appeal to customers and clients and ensure a positive first impression, you want to create a focus of beauty and interest for as many months of the year as possible. Planting more annuals and perennials is a good way to inspire seasonal colors, and they will thrive and fill the landscape with beautiful colors and imagery.

  • Failing to Find your Focus

Failing to find a focal point is also a common commercial landscaping mistake. Generally, you will want the focal point of your landscaping design to be the front door in order to draw people in. Always be sure that the front area is well-maintained and in good condition because it is the point of entry for your business.

  • Forgetting Amenities

While current and potential clients and customers may be your motivating factor when it comes to commercial landscaping, you also can’t forget about your employees. It has been shown that workplaces that provide adequate outdoor amenities see a rise in productivity and increased morale among the office. An outdoor space is a perfect environment for an employee to take a break from work, decompress, socialize, and eat lunch in a relaxing setting away from the busyness of the office. Providing seating, a beautiful and relaxing environment, and nature can all work wonders and in turn will prove to be positive for potential clients and customers. If they are warmly greeted by the staff and are more receptive, then you can increase the success of the business.

  • Forgetting the Budget

One of the biggest mistakes a company can make concerning their commercial landscaping is going over the proposed budget. It is best to meet with the company, come up with a solid plan, propose a budget, and try to eliminate any surprises along the way. It is important to leave a bit of room for any material cost increase- these increases may also vary depending on the season – and you should also consider the associated longer-term commitment. Maintenance, upkeep, irrigation- these are all necessary components in the commercial landscaping process and should not be overlooked when coming up with the budget for your landscaping design ideas.

Commercial landscaping is an important and profitable element of business that should not be overlooked. Consider what your goals are and what is important for the company, and then turn your focus on the outside of the property and to how you want to highlight your image.

Creating a focal point with the front door, the outdoor amenities, and even signage can go a long way in improving your curb appeal and can even help improve the overall visibility of the business.

Finally, a trustworthy and reliable commercial landscaping company will be able to walk you through the process from start to finish and will be able to give you a better idea of what landscaping design would work the best for the area, the season, and the type of land you have.