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What Type of Irrigation System is Best for You?

Carolina Grounds - What Type of Irrigation System Should You Use

The right irrigation system in Carolina landscapes is not only practical but essential for hardy plants, a lush lawn, and overall curb appeal. There are basically two different types available to homeowners, drip and spray irrigation systems, and making the right choice can also help combat the elements and drought-conditions of this US region, while also helping you conserve water.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Sometimes, a drip irrigation system is referred to as a ‘slow’ system, since water is applied slowly, helping curb runoff, drift, and evaporation. Tubes of various sizes are typically implemented to deliver water to areas off the landscape, which can easily be camouflaged by soil, rocks, or mulch. Different types of terrain and soil will require different levels of irrigation, i.e. Carolina clay soil requires less watering since it is slow to absorb.

The drip irrigation systems are key in preventing over-watering, which can save you money on monthly utility and water costs. This system also is helpful with difficult terrain, sloped properties, and hard-to-reach landscape features; overwatering can cause disease- drip systems prevent this occurrence. This is also a good option for those dealing with smaller landscapes and properties that require less irrigation, overall.

These types of systems can present a fall-risk as the equipment may cause trips and falls in the landscape. Concealing and camouflaging your tubing could be an obstacle for some homeowners but know that drip systems are easy to install and take less time than spray systems- more on that later.

Spray Irrigation Systems

Spray irrigation systems work most effectively on larger, flat terrain, as it delivers larger amounts of water to more area during use. These systems don’t present the tripping hazard that drip systems do, as they are installed underground. You can adjust your spray patterns according to what you have planted, bringing specific amounts of water to distinct areas of your landscape. It is possible to have separate valves for controlling water in various beds or gardens.

Know that these systems utilize more water, so water consumption and possibly utility bills can be higher. Also, since more water is being delivered, it is possible that your foliage can become wet, making it more prone to disease. Talk to your landscape professional about calibrating your spray irrigation system periodically to ensure it is working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Which Irrigation System Makes the Most Sense for You?

The best way to determine which irrigation system makes the most sense for your property is with the assistance of an experienced Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC.  Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., has experience and expertise in helping homeowners and businesses make the most of their green space while also reducing the carbon footprint left behind. Call to learn more today.