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Which Makes Sense for Your Property: Riding Mower or Push Mower?

By July 18, 2018July 22nd, 2018Landscaping Tips
Riding Mower or Push Mower?

It may seem that bigger is always better, however, not when it comes to your lawn mower. While a riding mower may seem the benchmark of lawn-care equipment, it can be a costly acquisition and one that is not necessarily the best option for your distinct property. Make things easier on yourself by distinguishing the differences between riding and push-style mowers.

So, the question is, which mower is right for your lawn?

The grass is thick, wet, or both.

A riding mower is the best choice for thick, wet grass = that could potentially clog a push mower. Your riding mower will have the additional horse-power needed for this sluggish work, without the sweat equity.

Your lawn is big.

A riding mower is also the best solution for a large property, expansive lawns, or fields, especially if it measures an acre or more. Furthermore, a riding mower is faster which will allow you to get the entire property mowed and maintained swiftly, a ‘must’ in the warm southeastern climate.

The property slopes.

For mowing gently-sloped terrain, a riding mower can do the job efficiently and effectively. Zero-turn riding mowers are a good choice that will require less muscle and optimal results in these distinct situations.

The lawn is fairly-flat.

Both mowers are fine for flat terrain, though a riding mower will allow you to do it swiftly and effortlessly. If your push mower is not self-propelled, flat terrain is ideal.

There are a lot of weeds or brush.

Do you have a lot of thick weeds and brush? In these instances, a riding mower will cut through and make the job much easier for you. The riding mower also provides the operator with a bit of protection and a buffer in these less-than-perfect situations.

Your property is hilly or steep.

Be very careful mowing steep spots that could potentially flip a riding mower on its side. You need a lot of control and patience mowing steep drops, which makes a self-propelled push mower the best bet.

You maintain intricate beds and gardens.

Don’t run the risk of ruining intricate garden beds or displays with a riding mower. A push mower will allow you to cut close, but not over your prized plants, flowers, and features.

Your property is commercial.

Commercial properties may require a combination of push and riding mowers to completely and cohesively complete the task at-hand. Regular maintenance from a reputable landscaping firm can ensure that your business always looks its best.

Your lawn, garden, and terrain will dictate the best mower for the job, but if you want to ensure maintained and manicured greenspaces all season, contact a commercial landscaping and ground services company in Charleston. Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., is ready to assist you in keeping your greenspaces cultivated and cared-for, with mowers and lawn equipment to tackle any job.