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Why It’s Important to Have a Strong Partnership with your Landscape Contractor

Why It's Important to Have a Strong Partnership with your Landscape Contractor

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good rapport with your landscape contractor, particularly if you have commercial properties that welcome or encourage visitors, customers, or colleagues. Look for a contractor that offers insight and expertise, while also listening to what you the client are looking for in commercial landscape options.

There are many reasons why it is important to have a strong partnership with your landscape contractor:


Work closely with your landscape contractor to focus on sustainability; you can demonstrate stewardship and an awareness of the environment with native species, natural irrigation systems, and recycled materials, like bark mulch. This demonstrates a conscience toward reducing the carbon footprint left behind, which is beneficial for the entire population; plus, it could appeal to clients that also value an eco-friendly attitude and accountability.


Safety is another reason why it pays to work closely and compatibly with your landscape contractor. You need the astute eye of a professional to assess and suggest ways to make your property safer, both for you and those that patronize your business.


Get on the same page with your landscape contractor to discuss how to address potential growth; studies show that the average consumer will travel further to patronize areas and districts with foliage and trees, many spending more time after their arrival, too.


Partner-up with your contractor to find underlying ways to curb energy costs, which can put money back in your pocket month after month, year-round. The way that you landscape, design, and trim your landscaping can directly impact utility expense and energy use, providing shade over HVAC units or creating pockets of sun for solar powered features.


Don’t overlook how a great-looking landscape affects mental health and well-being; effective landscaping can lower traffic and street noise, which may contribute to a natural, serene spot that lowers stress and anxiety. Create an inviting space for staff and employees to sit and unwind during breaks or lunch to foster relaxation and morale.


Your landscape is an integral and vital part of your property and contributes to the overall value of your company. Partnering and sharing a vision with your landscape contractor can improve curb appeal and create a property that rises in value. Remember that well-maintained greenspaces also encourage visitors and patrons, which could directly increase revenues, too.

Rely on your contractor for expertise and insight into what may work best in your exteriors; listen to their suggestions and share your own. Build a rapport to create inventive and innovative spaces together.

Do you have a strong partnership with your landscape contractor? If not, it could be time for a change; talk to professionals at Carolina Services Grounds Division in Charleston, a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company. Finding the right fit with your contractor could enhance and elevate your exteriors and improve your overall commercial curb appeal.