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Why Safety is Important to Landscape Contractors

Why Safety is Important to Landscape Contractors

Landscape Contractor Safety is not something to overlook; good and reputable landscapers typically have extensive safety training to reduce accidents and injuries. This usually begins during the hiring process with formal testing, checks, and screenings for any prospective employees, and is followed up with orientations and safety handbooks for new hires.  Membership to groups, unions, and organizations often focus on safety, further solidifying the merits of workplace safety for landscape professionals widely.

But, why is safety so important to landscape contractors?

Heavy Equipment  

There is a lot of heavy equipment involved in landscape jobs, including trucks, trailers, chippers, loaders, mowers, and more. Add in the number of hand-tools that also pose a potential danger, like trimmers, edging tools, and saws, and safety becomes integral. The aim should be to provide familiarity with these workplace tools for staff while minimizing accidents through proper use and training. These items are dangerous; they need to be treated gingerly.

Property Damage  

Customers do not want their landscape, property, or home to be damaged by those being paid to maintain it. For professionals to be safe, they must be aware of situations that could cause issues like steep terrain, walls, or bodies of water. Furthermore, landscapers need to be wary of other factors like automobiles that could present further hazards to those working on the grass, foliage, and landscaping. There is always a risk of property- and bodily- damage in these dangerous situations.

Professional Reputation  

Landscapers strive to be safe, as safety is often an earmark of being a professional. Customers, clients, and patrons will ebb toward those landscape companies that are reputed and lauded for being professional, typically.

OSHA Compliance  

Safe practices help keep a landscaper or other organization in compliance with the standards asserted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Failure to comply with these guidelines could make businesses subject to fines, legal repercussions, or closure. This is another incentive for landscape professionals to keep safety a priority.

Good Morale  

When your team and employees feel safe, it improves morale on the job. When staff has concerns about their safety, it impacts the workplace culture and overall atmosphere of a business. Landscaping is arduous work; good morale can make it a bit easier for all.

Fewer Injuries  

When you maintain a safe work site and put your employees first, you will have fewer injuries in general. Landscape businesses that report a strong culture of safety at work usually report fewer incidents of injury or damage overall. Fewer injuries mean increased productivity.

While June is National Safety Month, true landscape professionals consider safety a year-round objective. Ask your landscape professional about what strides they take to maintain safety on the job.

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