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Why Should You Use Eco-Friendly Outdoor Lighting  

Reasons for eco-friendly outdoor lighting at business property green energy

Whether you have a home or business, there are ways to curb overhead costs and reduce the carbon footprint that is left behind. For instance, one way to achieve both is with eco-friendly outdoor lighting; the benefits of these lighting solutions go beyond sustainability- and the advantages are many.   

Why should you use eco-friendly outdoor lighting? Here are a few of the compelling reasons: 


Starting with the carbon footprint, eco-friendly lighting solutions reduce the greenhouse gases that are released into the environment. This occurs when electricity is created using fossil fuels, perpetuating global warming and other negative impacts. Less energy is used with eco-friendly lighting, so this is a distinct benefit.  


There is a limited amount of fossil fuels for creating electricity- why not conserve them when possible? Prudence with resources like electricity helps ensure it is not depleted later on.  


Contemporary and eco-friendly bulbs are typically made to last a long time. This curbs not only the replacement cost, but also the labor involved in maintaining, changing, and even buying the bulbs. 


If you are looking for the safest and least toxic option, choose eco-friendly bulbs over traditional fluorescent lightbulbs and fixtures. Fluorescent lighting can contain toxic elements, like mercury, and it can be difficult to dispose of safely. Since these lights are not recyclable, they inevitably end up in the trash, and then landfills, which can cause irreparable damage and contamination to the environment. 


Many times, the choice comes down to cost; how much money do eco-friendly lighting solutions save? Since longevity is key with these types of bulbs and light fixtures, buyers can save money by making the switch to one of the following eco-friendly lighting options and ideas. Plus, they are more energy efficient, using less power, too.  

Eco Friendly Outdoor Lighting Ideas 

So, what should consumers buy to take advantage of the many perks of eco-friendly lighting options? There are several; here are some suggestions: 

  • LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) 

LED or Light Emitting Diode lighting is widely available on the market in the form of energy-efficient bulbs and light fixtures. These require a lot less- around 90%- energy to illuminate, and the light is bright, vivid, clear, and cooler to the touch. It may cost a little more for a LED bulb over incandescent, but it will last far longer and work much better.  

  • Solar Power 

Solar power is another eco-friendly option when it comes to lights and fixtures for the home or work. Most of these charge during daylight, making use of natural sunlight, with sensors that optimize economy.  

  • Recyclable Lightbulbs 

An excellent, eco-friendly lighting option is recyclable bulbs. These are better for the environment, making use of materials that may have otherwise ended up in landfills. Ask local home improvement retailers about recyclable bulbs for your fixtures. 

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