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Why Weeds are Bad for Business  

Weeds on sidewalk blocking customers from business bad weeds for business

Do you have weeds growing around your business or commercial property? Weed control should be a priority for any building or business owner, as weeds can be a pricey detriment.  

Weeds are simply bad for business. Here’s why: 

Compromises Curb Appeal 

Your property’s curb appeal directly correlates to traffic and revenues within your doors. Weeds compromise and can take away from the curb appeal of your storefront, workplace, or building. A lot of consumers may perceive the condition of your lawn as a demonstration that the business does not care- if you neglect your property, will you neglect your buyers? Give customers a reason to come in by maintaining the curb appeal and keeping unwanted growth at bay.   

Weeds Take Time 

Once weeds gain hold of your exteriors, it can take a lot of time and effort to get rid of them. It is much easier and less laborious to maintain and keep up on them, rather than trying to play catch up.  

While this may fall on the shoulders of the property owner, it makes the most sense to hire out for professional landscape services to control the issue. Wouldn’t your time be better spent than picking unwanted plants? It requires diligence and a lot of sweat equity. Aren’t there work-related projects that demand your attention? Do yourself a favor and hire a team to come and rid the property of weeds, while also maintaining an aesthetically appealing façade and landscape for your potential visitors and customers.   

It Get Worse 

So, what if you choose to do nothing about the weeds- what will happen then? They must be controlled, or the situation can become much worse. It is far easier to prevent weeds than to manage them once they have been neglected and ignored for a period of time.  

What are the repercussions of letting these plants grow wild? Here are some: 

  • If you have any gardens, lawns, or flowerbeds, weeds will invade and take over those, too. They move in and choke your plants so that nothing will thrive.   
  • Weeds make an appealing habitat for several pests. When you have a lot of unwelcome foliage, your property could attract rodents or reptiles- and bugs will also flock there. Part of effective pest control includes taking care of and curbing weeds.  
  • Depending on where the weeds are growing, they can also cause damage to the building or fixtures, which may require costly care and repair.  

The best way to combat weeds is through consistent effort. The most pragmatic way to achieve this is with scheduled services from a reputable local landscape professional.  

Ready to battle pesky plants in Charleston? Talk to the team at Carolina Services Grounds Division, a division of Carolina Services Inc., to learn more. We are a Commercial Landscaping and Ground Services Company in Charleston, SC- and we know how your lawn can impact your business. Visit or call to schedule an appointment today.