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Winter Landscape Maintenance Tips

Winter Landscape Maintenance Tips

Fight the ravages of colder temperatures and precipitation this winter, and keep your yard and exterior spaces looking colorful and captivating year-round! When the weather changes, make sure that your landscaping, yard, and garden still look their wintry best. Work with local landscaping crews to tend your grounds, yard, and garden, while also bringing some seasonal flair to your home’s curb appeal.

Heed these winter landscape tips to keep a beautiful yard year-long:

Focus on your hardscape features. 

You really can’t go wrong with hardscapes; they look great all year long! Hardscapes include cement features, like patios and paths, or tiled areas of your property. Make sure that you refill your summertime pots and containers with winter displays, such as branches, boughs, or conifers. Buy yard art, accents, and features with year-round use in-mind.


Some ways to protect and optimize your hardscapes this winter include:

  • Don’t use a metal shovel when de-icing or shoveling your yard. These may chip your cement or concrete surfaces, or exacerbate any existing damage or cracks.
  • Make sure to seal your paved or concrete surfaces so they will hold up well to the rigors of wintertime weather.
  • Add some grit, like sand, to your sealant or pavement paint to provide tread during slippery conditions.
  • Clean and repair your cement statues, fountains, and features before winter’s worst comes. If they are fragile or antique, consider putting them away during colder seasons to preserve and protect them, especially in more-extreme climates.


Go with versatile and practical options.

Choose plants and trees that will yield beautiful bark and berries for a warm, inviting yard. Some great options for most grow-zones are dogwood, birch, and holly, which will be the perfect decorative touch during the holiday season. Try, also, some alternatives that will provide fruit or nuts, like hardy fruit trees and shrubs.


Don’t forget the evergreens.

Focus on hardy perennials and evergreens to provide year round color and a focal point of interest. Some great ideas include camellias, cabbage, and kale which are a few hardy options that thrive in most hardiness zones and climates. Conifers and evergreens are viable options that can create a colorful landscape despite the weather and temps.


Pay attention to basic maintenance.

Another way to keep your winter landscape at its best is to perform basic maintenance. This includes keeping your grass trimmed, trees pruned, and putting away any seasonal items. Don’t let your summer plants wither and die; instead, remove from pots to avoid a dreary and brown yard when the weather turns.


Let Carolina Services Grounds Division help update your business’ exteriors this winter. Please contact us so that we can help keep your business looking fresh and inviting, all year long.